THE BERGAMASCO – From the Italian Alps to the Family Home


Author: Luigi Guidobono Cavalchini
Translation from Italian: by Yuval Shalson
Pages: 310
Text: English
Bookbinding: Trimmed thread
ISBN: 978-88-97525-69-1


The Bergamasco is a book that every aficionado and expert of this old Italian breed needs. The book is complete with useful advice and information on the history, morphology, coat, behaviour, breeding and herding work, provided by an expert with more than sixty years of practical experience and a distinguished professional background. The author, Luigi Guidobono Cavalchini, now retired, is Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, full Professor in Animal Husbandry at Milan Vet Med University. He is a breeder of Bergamasco with an FCI kennel named “Valle Scrivia” that was founded in 1949. He is an official international FCI conformation and herding Judge, President of SAB, Italian Bergamasco Official Club, and member of the FCI Herding Dog Commission. The author has published several books on dogs and scientific papers. The book is enriched with 150 beautiful colour photographs and drawings.


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