Breeding like Pros


Autore: Pekka Hannula
Lingua: Inglese
Pagine: 308
Rilegatura: Brossura
ISBN: 978-88-97525202



With great joy and satisfaction, we share with you this new book “BREEDING LIKE PROS”, written by the Finnish author Pekka Hannula, published in three languages – English, Italian and Spanish – edited by Edizioni ALTEA srl _Italy.
We share this with readers in a new, different and quite experimental format; the result of daily dialogues of many years between the two of us, myself and Fabrizio, we share these openly, as breeders and exhibitors, about “everything” in this marvelous dog-world; our philosophy, secrets, strategies, priorities, choices, renounces, difficulties, our joys with our sorrows, drawbacks and defeats, challenges, success, dreams come true and dreams we have yet to achieve. By sharing all these experiences openly, we are hoping that new input that will help us all, moving forward, to think and reflect on how we are able to improve breeding, preserving and effecting the evolution of the pure-bred dogs.
With wishes the readers will enjoy this dialogue as much as we did!
Mia Ejerstad and Fabrizio Bocchino
Steadlyn & Recognition’s kennels


Breeding like Pros – Biography

You can learn by talking with other people or reading a book. But for me writing gives my thoughts a form. However, writing is cool only if the topic is interesting for myself and useful for the readers – either by catching their feelings or inspiration.
That way has been born several books of biology, customer service, but also many of the dog world. Keys to Top Breeding and Vol22 have a different angle to the breeding and Keys to Top Handling how to get the best out of a dog in the show ring. Interesting ones were also books of two famous international Finnish judges – Hasse Lehtinen and Kari Järvinen. How different they were! Life with Shelties with Marita Axi brought another new aspect. And then this – Breeding like Pros. The idea was to have a dialog between two top breeders. Finding the best breeders maybe in the whole world – Mia and Fabrizio – was not a challenge (and they so agreed with the idea of dialog), but then we had language barriers. But they were all crossed. But in their super modern kennel place we had not only dialog, but vivid discussions between us. And then we had the texts! But not in the form but to be sent to Rian Alexander to be checked and to Carlos Quinones to be translated into Spanish. And as usual behind all is a woman – Edizioni ALTEA, the publisher.
Thank you
Pekka Hannula





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